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Time to Plan Stuffing for that Turkey Dinner

Photo By Africa Studio on Shutterstock 

When the autumn season comes around, most people look forward to having turkey for Thanksgiving. Stuffed turkey makes the celebration extra special with the combination of bread, onion, garlic, and other delectable ingredients that makes the turkey the real winner for dinner.

National Stuffing Day is just a week away from that Thanksgiving dinner which people are excited about. During November 21st, the event suggests that people should start planning which stuffings will they put inside the turkey cavity to make it more delightful.

The History of Stuffing Day

Stuffing Day started with the advent of the first-ever stuffing when a genius cook used rich and earthy herbs combined with garlic, onions, and bread to produce something that would bear all the flavors of the turkey. Stuffing is so important that others actually look forward more to the stuffing than the actual turkey. While stuffing is important, having mashed potatoes on the side is also preferred.


How to Celebrate Stuffing Day?

Prepare Stuffing Ingredients- The best way to celebrate stuffing day is to plan which ingredients you are using for the stuffing. Create a list of the things that you will need to buy from the grocery.

  •  Have a Stuffing Tasting Party - Want to make sure that what you are serving for Thanksgiving dinner would only be the best? Invite your friends to come over for a stuffing party and get their feedback on the taste and how you can improve the turkey stuffing.


Why Some People Love National Stuffing:

✔ They get to practice their stuffing recipes before the d-day

✔ They get to mix and match which ingredients will go together for the fowl family.

✔Leftovers from the fridge can be used for stuffing