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Spread Kindness Around the World like a Virus

Photo By Chinnapong on Shutterstock

November 13 might just be like another ordinary day for some, but do note this day, for it is declared as the World Kindness Day! You might find yourself thinking that this is another tiring day-- doing some charity works, spending money to give to the street children, or cooking food for the abandoned ones. If you have this kind of mindset for kindness, then you can change it, for kindness can be given for free!

Come to think it; participating in this day does not only give you the feeling of satisfaction and pride for oneself but rather, seeing someone’s curve on their lips because of what you did for them it what’s fulfilling.

What to do during the World’s Kindness Day?

This day doesn’t need you to do something huge to gain praise or to get everyone’s attention. You have to do it,  not for yourself but for those who need a hand.

In this regard, the following are some of the things that you can do during the World Kindness Day without costing you money.

  • Donate some old clothes, books, or toys that are still in good condition but you are not using anymore. Share it with those people that you think needed those things the most. Donating it to the nearest charity house is also the right choice.
  • Give your warmest hug and assure someone that everything will be alright even if they are feeling down or blue. Let them know that there persons who want to see them smile more.
  • If you know that your friend has been feeling self-conscious over her/his physical appearance, genuinely compliment them and cheer them up.
  • If you see a person struggling to do something, offer them your hand and that you can do things together to overcome it soon hardships.
  • Instead of spending your time on social media, helping around the house and doing chores can give your parents their rest time
  • Also, don’t be too harsh on yourself and learn to accept your strengths and weaknesses. Be kind and learn to love yourself too.

There are still a lot of ways to join this celebration in your own little ways. Pledging in this event or committing to doing acts of kindness will be a great help to spread humanity and change this world full of hatred, jealousy, and greed.

Do you believe that “it’s easy to act kind, but it’s hard to be kind”?

How can you react to this saying? A bit confusing, right? However, this is true to a sense. It’s tough to be kind, especially if you are doing it only for a show. People can help an old lady crossing on the road for there are many eyes watching. They can play the hero in the social media by posting photos during an outreach program, but is this the ‘kindness’ just something like this? No. Kindness can be defined as the small gestures that you do for others’ sake. Sharing your food with your seatmate or giving lunch to your workmate can be considered as a form of kindness. Remember that there’s no small acts nor big help for every kind gesture matters.

Start spreading kindness, just like a virus! If you receive affection, give back by doing another kindness and make it a cycle!