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Scariest Animated Horror Movies You Must Watch This Halloween

Photo by Kleber Cordeiro on Shutterstock

Can’t get enough of spooky movies? If you’re one of those people who’s Halloween isn’t complete without binge-watching terrifying movies that will keep you all night, I have another thing waiting for you. I bet you watch the same live-action horror movies. Don’t you think it gets a little boring? I mean, yes, classic and 21st-century horror films are amazing, but if you want to try out something different this year, you could never go wrong with animation.

Who said animation horror movies are just for kids? Well, with this list of movies, prepare to see a grown-up adult freak out and get the popcorn flying. We’ve rounded up amazing top animated horror films for you, from age-appropriate ones for younger viewers to more mature thematic films, which include brutal levels of gore and violence that are not for the faint of heart.

Now, grab your popcorn or favorite chips and perhaps your pillow to hug when scenes get more terrifying. Watch these movies alone (if you’re brave enough) or with your family or friends because boy, you’re in for a scare --as what ‘Goosebumps’ shows say.

1. Coraline

 Coraline is one of those classic scary children movies that will never get old --and still haunt your dreams. This animated movie talks about a misunderstood young girl Coraline who discovers a hidden door which leads to a fascinating (and eerie!) parallel world where the people are strange but perfect and ‘better’ than the real world. And for ‘strange’, I mean people with buttons as eyes! That’s freaky.

2. ParaNorman

Younger audiences will be thrilled to see witches, zombies, ghosts, and the main character who can talk to the dead. Spooky, right? ParaNorman, perfect for a family Halloween movie night, centers on an interesting plot where the villains revealed to be misunderstood victims, and an ancient grudge, which comes from another misunderstanding, becomes the cause of the town’s ill.

3. Monster House

Monster House is seriously one of the best-animated movies out there. A trio of kids courageously explored an abandoned home in the neighborhood that has been giving neighbors the chills. Turns out the house is not as ordinary as people think and has secrets to hide.

4. The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn is mostly comprised of fantasy elements than horror, but from 1982 to this day, it doesn’t fail to scare you out of your wits. After finding out that she is the last of her species in the world, the unicorn decided to go on a quest to seek why the others have disappeared. The movie will bring to a downright terrifying world and journey.

5. Fire And Ice

Fire and Ice, a 1983 film, will make you feel the dread you are looking for. The protagonists are chased into swamps with several nightmare creatures, interactions with reanimated corpses, and into a final confrontation between fire and ice. Also, the mighty magician Nekron’s frightening primitive sub-humans and their violence make this movie disturbing.

6. Seoul Station

Watching a massive number of flesh-hungry zombies chasing after humans are quite thrilling and exciting, don’t you think? If the popular live-action South Korean zombie film “Train to Busan’ is your cup of tea, then you’ll definitely love this. The story focuses on a father who desperately looked for his runaway daughter trapped in a zombie outbreak at the Seoul Station.

7. Resident Evil: Degeneration

You can’t really talk about animated horror without mentioning Resident Evil: Degeneration, which combines action and horror. Certainly a good combo! Expect the uncanny valley aspect of the human characters, the nasty zombies, and much that will give you shaking knees. Also, the animated features of this film are pleasing and well-made, it deserves an outstanding clap. If you aren’t into jump scares, you can still watch it but be ready.

8. Fears of the Dark

Fears of the Dark is composed of five different stories by visionary book creators and graphic designers in one movie. In general, the French film tries to convey the horrible effects fear of the dark does to people by presenting the story of a wicked man and his dogs, a boy obsessed with insects, a young girl who got her nightmares on repeat as a form of clinical “treatment” and others. Its black-and-white animation style is visually pleasing and spine-chilling at the same time.

Trust me, these animated films are absolutely worth your time. Prepare to have an eerie, ethereal experience, my friend. I bet you’ll be rewatching some of these later on. Well, have a spooktacular Halloween movie marathon!