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Savor the Top 3 Best Pickles for National Pickle Day

Photo By Artem Shadrin on Shutterstock

This November 14, prepare your taste buds and plate for National Pickle day is on your way! Your place will be filled up again by those crunchy, juicy, and balanced flavor due to the perfect complement of the salt and vinegar of the various pickles you have.

Guess you are already having that watery mouth as you imagine the great taste of it while you partnered it to your meals, may it be for lunch or dinner. But wait for a little more as the following will talk more about pickles and this celebration.

What is a Pickle?

Well, most of the people for sure know what’s a pickle, but considering some that are unfamiliar with it, pickles are foods, mostly fruits and vegetables that were preserved with the use of/or putting it in a brine solution, which can be a mixture of salt and water, or you can also use vinegar.

A good example that you’ve already tasted for sure will be cucumber pickled in a dash of sweet vinegar. Some who haven’t encountered pickle might find it weird, but believe it or not. Once you’ve got a taste of it, you can’t turn back on these cravings.

There was a long list of pickles that you can try or make, but shortlisting it, here are some of the pickles that so far were one of the best.

  1. Fried Pickles - Aside from the appealing look of this recipe, you will surely crave for more as you hear the crisp sound of every bite you will have with these Fried Pickles. If you are kind of tired of the traditional pickle you are having, then twist it and fry your pickles

  2. Kimchi - Trying out new things? How about going Korean with kimchi. Kimchi is typically made using napa cabbage mixed with various seasonings as spring onions, garlic, ginger, Korean chili powder, and salted seafood. This kind of pickle can be added when eating rice or noodles.  

  3. Dill Pickle - This is probably one of the best, of course, the one and only cucumber pickles. Not to mention its pleasing smell, but it also tastes terrific, and you can’t deny it. The refreshing taste of the cucumber will make you ask for a refill if there’s any, but take note that consuming too many pickles is not good.   

How to Celebrate National Pickle Day?

There’s no procedure on celebrating this unofficial holiday, though you can enjoy this beautiful day by simply trying out various pickles and eating it as an appetizer for all the meals you will be taking. You can also make time with your family and friends by creating and trying out new recipes of pickles that you can consume for special occasions, or if it can even reach the next Pickle day, that would be exciting!

So what are you waiting for, spice up your meal this National Pickle Day!