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Satisfy your Cravings: National Cake Day is Coming

Photo By Studio Romantic on Shutterstock

“Is it someone’s birthday? What’s with the cakes everywhere?”

Always mistaken as a birthday celebration but November 26 is actually named as National Cake Day. Eat and satisfy your cravings for cakes all day long!

If you are living in the US or other countries celebrating National Cake Day, then this is probably one the most satisfying event lining up with the Thanksgiving as well as Black Friday! You can enjoy cakes here and there, with different flavors, sizes, colors, and designs. Not only is the day celebrated for cravings satisfied but we’re in for a visual feast with instagrammable cakes perfect for your stories.

The origin of this unofficial holiday or the people who established this celebration is considered to be a mystery for everyone. However, no one is complaining so we’re good with it.

How to celebrate National Cake Day?

There’s no exact way to celebrate this exciting and fun event, but the following list are some tips on how to enjoy this day.

Bake a Cake. You can adjust the sweetness and richness of the cake according to your personal taste. You also get to show your techniques and unleash your creativity in designing cakes. Rather than doing the traditional round-shaped or square cakes, try making a cake just like the shape of your favorite cartoon character during your childhood.

You can also do this with your family and friends by organizing a small baking contest, and you can share it in your neighborhood to decide who’s going to be the winner.

Use this an opportunity to confess or go out with a date with the person you like. You can ask her/him out by saying that you want to eat cakes with them. As a guy, treat your girl and buy your girl a cake covered in her favorite flavor. If you are a girl, then you can give your crush your baked cake, and pour all your feeling when making the cake. Add a love note to make it sweeter!

★ Share the love. We think cakes are synonymous with love. The best way to celebrate the day is by sharing a cake with your family and friends. If you baked a bunch for the day, consider giving it away to the needy ones, or drop by the local orphanage and share it with the kids and spend time playing with them.

Celebrating the National Cake Day doesn’t mean that it has to be luxurious. Instead, this is also a day for everyone to remember that cake somehow becomes a part of an individual’s life in every achievement she/he gaining. Cakes are somewhat interwoven to happiness. In this case, collect many cupcakes in your life. Be happy.