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Rock It With Your Red Hair: A Day To Celebrate Love Your Red Hair Day

By stockfour on Shutterstock

Every 5th of November, National Redhead Day is being celebrated as the United States appreciates the beauty of those gorgeous red tresses. And so on this day, redheads get the spotlight to show off the unique qualities of red hair.

Many redheads have experienced being outcasted for having a unique hair color, but for this time, National Redhead Day is being celebrated to empower and make them feel confident and tell them that they are amazing and beautiful.

Fun fact about redheads is that there are only less than 2% of the population with this special hair. People like Lucille Ball, Queen Elizabeth I, Ron Howard, and Vincent van Gogh have red locks, too!

Another fun fact is that redheads produce more Vitamin D in a shorter amount of time than people with other hair colors. Having red hair and blue eyes is even the rarest hair/eye color combination possible, as most redheads have brown, hazel or green eyes, according to Medical Daily.

These are some things that redheads should be proud to have. So, cheer up! It’s your special day.

How It Started

The National Red Head Day was submitted by red-haired sisters and co-founders of How To Be A Readhead, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, in August 2015. The sisters stated that the national day is "all about celebrating your gorgeous red hair," whether you're a natural redhead or redhead by choice. The sisters have also decided that each year on November 5th, redheads can celebrate their locks to the fullest.

As Stephanie Vendetti has also stated on their website, "We wanted to create a national-recognized day of the year that empowered redheads to LOVE their hair. But, most of all, it's a reminder for women everywhere, redhead or not, to love their unique qualities."

And since then, the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the observance to be celebrated on November 5th, annually and it has been celebrated on its 4th year already.

How To Celebrate On This Special Day

➳Celebrate In Style

It is a special day to love your hair. Just like what they say our hair is our crowning glory. You should go out and flaunt that red hair of yours to your maximum level. Pick beautiful clothes to start off the day, it is your chance to feel yourself and be the best by carrying yourself around.

➳Treat Yourself

It’s your special day! Let today be your reminder to care for hair, body and inner self. Go outside, get yourself your favorite snacks, chill at home, do a shopping spree and more. It is best if you can plan what you can do for the day.

➳Share This Day With Other Red Heads

Being unique for having redhead is like joining a special club! Smile and greet every redhead you meet your way.

➳Rock It Your Way

Whatever it may be, spend the day your way and have fun!