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Return the Happiness: Treat your Pets on Go Cook for Your Pets Day

Photo By VP Photo Studio on Shutterstock

If you are a pet lover, then this celebration might sound really cute for you! Go Cook for Your Pets Day is celebrated every 1st of November, obviously not intended for humans, but for pets. This is a good way for you to return the happiness cat or dog brought you. Celebrate today by simply giving their food on a more palatable than usual basis, making them feel like a special one.

You can also consider this as a day to top up those days where you use to strictly prohibit a specific kind of food for them to maintain their good health or to avoid them from getting so picky when it comes to food. In this kind of event, let these fur babies know the real meaning of having a feast, as you prepare homemade food for them.

Why cook for your pets?

Cooking for your pet once in a while will not really hurt your pride, right? Especially if you are doing it because you love them as much as they love you. The question is, why do you have to cook for your pet, especially for your cats and dogs, when you can treat them to the nearest pet restaurant?

Well, some of the reasons are:

1. Your dog or cat can’t talk, but they will surely appreciate and can sense your effort. Do not worry so much about how it will look and just put your heart’s content in cooking your pet’s meal with passion.

2. You can monitor and control the ingredients of your pet’s food as the one preparing it. Just make sure to research well which ingredients may cause allergies to cats or dogs. With this, your pet can dig into their food without you becoming so anxious that they might eat something that they should not.

3. Homemade pet food is way cheaper than going to restaurants and cafes. Aside from that, there are only a few restaurants that offer food for your dogs and cats. Yes, instead of cooking, you can easily visit the pet-friendly restaurants, but this day isn’t made for that. If you want to make the day extra special, feel free to throw a small party and invite other pet owners so your pet can also meet some new friends while enjoying the homecooked meals you prepared.

Photo By Pencil Case on Shutterstock

Remember to Follow These Rules on Go Cook For Your Pets Day

This special event also serves as a promotion for cooking excellent and tasty food for your pets without sacrificing their health and their natural diet. In this regard, here are some of the must-avoided-ingredients for the food that you will be cooking.

1. Seasoning your pet’s food is a No-No! Unless you want to see your pet having an upset stomach, then you should remember this. You can make tasty food without these. There are a lot of sites that provide bland diet for dog recipes as well as homemade cat food recipes.

It is best to stick with a bland diet for dogs wherein you may use boiled lean meat like turkey, chicken or even beef for a good digestive system. For homemade cat food, feel free to incorporate chicken, tuna, and even eggs.

2. As much as possible, avoid giving your pets with cooked food that is mostly made from dairy. If you’re not 100% sure, best to avoid it cause lactose intolerance may spell trouble for your fur babies.

3. If your pets are sensitive, then consult a veterinarian first before deciding on what to cook. If possible, you can also ask for a planned menu for your cats and dogs so that it can serve as a guide for you to prepare the best diet plan for them.

Now, close your eyes. Think of the loyalty, love, joy, and the heartwarming memories you’ve shared with your pets. You will then come to a realization that you are not doing this to just pay honor for your pet. Instead, think of Go Cook for Your Pets Day as a special day celebrated with that special member of the family. For your best friend, a buddy that will never leave you and will forever patiently wait for you.