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Dark Mode As your iPhone’s Battery-Life Saver


Hooray for iPhone users! The well-known Dark Mode is taking over operating systems, and it will finally be available on iOS 13. The well-known Dark Mode is dominating, considering it has been adapted by major names such as Google, Android, Apple, Microsoft,  and others. 


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Dark Mode, a simple toggle that changes the white background of your computer or phone screens into a dark color, has been increasingly famous for years. And apps are progressively adapting to this trend, such big names like Google, Android, Apple, Microsoft, and others. This alternative theme for the user interface has been gaining attention for the benefits it offers. Dark Mode reduces eye strain, makes you sleep better, gives off a sleek look for your device, and lastly, but definitely not the least, saves battery power. No wonder it has been loved by many.

Don’t you feel like it’s such a bother that the battery life of our smartphones is getting easily consumed? Power banks have become our (battery) lifesavers but what if you forgot to bring one with you? Dark Mode is your best friend. Since it lowers the amount of blue light emitted, it’s effective in saving battery life compared to the traditional bright white background. However, even if the shift to the dark side is happening everywhere, not every device gets a battery-saving boost from Dark Mode. Stick around and determine if your iPhone is included.


Prolongs Battery Power


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Any device from Apple, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and MacBook, contains lithium-ion batteries which are quite different from traditional battery technology. The lithium-ion battery enables fast charging, longevity, and higher power density. This battery utilizes fast charging to easily reach 80% of its capacity, then shifts to trickle charging so that your battery lives longer. Charging your phone frequently could lead to a short life span of your battery. Although Apple’s lithium-ion battery enables the device to not be charged excessively, it is still important to know other ideas to save battery power.

Dark Mode extends the battery power of your phone. However, only devices with OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screens can enjoy Dark Mode’s battery-saving ability since these types of screens do not have a backlight layer and pixel is individually illuminated. If you’re using an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen, Dark mode won’t save you any battery power.

Each pixel of OLED screens creates its own light while LCD screens light all pixels of the edges. An OLED phone with the dark display, like Dark Mode, leaves background pixels off entirely when it only lights up needed pixels in generating text and icons. Only the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max have OLED screens while iPhone XR and the rest of the iPhones before X utilizes LCD. Activating dark mode iPhones with OLED screens uses 63% less power than the traditional alternative. Sadly, only the newest iPhones use OLED, but fear not, it is expected that in the year 2020, more iPhones with OLED screens will be released. 

In addition, you’ll also be able to save battery life as long as you use Dark Mode when you use the dark theme on your computer monitor and laptop screen with LCDs. This is due to the filter, it’s placed over the blue light released by the backlight on your window. Also, Apple describes dark mode as "a dramatic new look for the iPhone". It is unique and looks better than the default design. The dark background makes text and graphic content, such as photos, pop and distinct. Dark colors, too, let the device use less power and since darker displays work better in low-light settings, your electricity costs could be reduced. 

After knowing the Dark Mode battery-saving ability, will you turn it on? The battery can’t be saved up unless you turn your iPhone’s Dark Mode on.