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Outdoor Halloween Decorations Sure to Spellbind Everyone

This time of the year, it’s time to bring your ‘A’ Game in decorating, you need to step it up a notch in terms of originality and spookiness. Whether you opt for something more traditional, or something more advanced, there’s something on this list for you. These ideas cater from pro to beginners alike, so even if the holiday is just around the corner, you still have time to whip up some DIY Halloween decorations to get your porch and patios ready for trick-or-treaters!

DIY Yard Skull Signs

There’s something extra special or spooky about this decor. You can spice it up however you want!


Photo by Mike Kuhlman on Shutterstock 


Retro Rustic Porch Decor

Try this original Southwestern-inspired decor, which will keep your home looking pretty, especially in the fall season!


Photo by Maria Sbytova on Shutterstock


DIY Black Cat Wood Cutout

With its hair-raising look, this cutout is a beautiful addition to your front porch.


Photo by 13smile on Shutterstock


DIY Watercolor Night Sky Pumpkin

A watercolor-painted pumpkin is unique and a showstopper. It’s unexpected, too!


Photo by Natalia Wimberley on Shutterstock


Recycled Jar Jack-o'-Lanterns

Got some old jars lying around the house? Transform them into these cute ones!

Recycled Jar Jack-o_-Lanterns-min.jpg

Photo by  JeniFoto on Shutterstock


Scary Crow Wreath

Give your guests a solemn welcome with this all-black wreath.



Photo by ArdeaA on Shutterstock


Pumpkin With Drilled Shapes

Your life is bound to be a whole lot easier with these drilled pumpkins!


Photo by Adelynne on Shutterstock


Halloween Treat Table

This perfect setup will surely give your guests a warm welcome!


Photo by apolonia on Shutterstock


Pumpkin Fire Pit

Light one of these in your entryway to welcome guests and trick-or-treaters!


Photo by Videologia on Shutterstock


Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Halloween Decor

This will surely make your front porch look spooktacular!


Photo by Tatyana Vyc on Shutterstock


Fall-to-Halloween Porch Decor

Some faux Halloween creatures will surely make this porch look alive!

shutterstock_737461783-min (1).jpg

Photo by 2M media  on Shutterstock


Monster Halloween Front Door Decor

Kids will definitely get a kick out with this monster!


Photo by IrinaK on Shutterstock


DIY Trick or Treat Signs for Halloween

Welcome trick-or-treaters with these sweet signs.


Photo by jekson_js on Shutterstock


Countdown to Halloween Outdoor Decor

Count the days down till Halloween with this creative DIY.


Photo by Min C. Chiu on Shutterstock


Simple Outdoor Halloween Decor

You know what they say, the simpler, the better.


Photo by Orhan Cam on Shutterstock 


Scary Halloween Candy Holder

This will leave kids tip-toeing to your front porch to get some of that candy!


Photo by Karlevana on Shutterstock


Not Scary Outdoor Halloween Decor

You can be cheery and not eerie this Halloween!


Photo by Hannahmariah on Shutterstock


Outdoor Halloween Lanterns

Festive lanterns? This will give your guests a warm welcome.


Photo by Maya Krucahnkova on Shutterstock


Neutral Fall Porch

Give your classic orange and black tones a twist with this all-white decor!


Photo by Stephanie Frey on Shutterstock


Skeleton Greeter

Seat a life-size skeleton to greet your guests and trick-or-treaters!


Photo by IrinaK on Shutterstock


Cute But Spooky

This will definitely delight guests and any trick-or-treaters!


Photo by Quinta on Shutterstock