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Move your Clock One Hour Backwards: Enjoy your Zero-Tasking Day

By Lopolo on Shutterstock

Can you feel the breeze of the colder air? If yes, then prepare yourself for the winter season is already waving at you! This also means that daylight saving period bid its goodbye.

Moreover, get to enjoy an imaginary additional hour of your day! Aside from getting more sleep, you can have an opportunity to relax and become more productive.

What is Zero-Tasking Day?

In some countries around the world, you will notice that there’s a time difference. Someplace has an advance time, wherein if it is currently morning in your country, then on other continents, it is possible that it’s evening or afternoon, depending on their location.

During daylight saving time, clocks were set to one-hour advance time. This is to ensure that your daylight works will not be affected and to match your clock-based schedules.

This daylight saving time change, and when the cold climate knocks at your day, it is time to move your clock one hour backward again. Zero-tasking day is then intended for you to turn or stop your busy schedule and enjoy this extra hour you will have.

What to do During Zero-Tasking Day?

There are various activities that you can have to enjoy and to make a worthy hour that is a rare chance.

Here are some:

➳ Spend it with Your Family

This is a great way to give time for your family and insert it in your tight schedule. You can simply enjoy a late-night meal or snack while watching the television and talk about the silly things in life, or going out for the movies if you want to make it fancier.

➳ Hang out with Your Friends

Adulting life makes it difficult to find time for your friends. Take this day to hang out with your friends and not think about work or school projects. Go grab a drink at the local bar, or even go out for a swim for that much-deserved break.

➳ Babe Time

Of course, giving your extra hour for your boyfriend/girlfriend or significant others is a must. You can have a date, by having a joy-ride around the city or by strolling along the beach. You don’t have to dress up or anything, but with these small gestures, you can show them how much you love them.

➳ Date Yourself

If you think you are becoming a little bit too harsh on your physical and mental health, then you can use this opportunity to date yourself.

  • You can start reading your favorite book, eating your favorite food, listening to your favorite band or watching your favorite show.
  • You can also use this time for self-reflection or meditation.
  • Treat yourself. Do online shopping or buy a concert ticket!
  • Sleep. Give yourself a break to this crowded world and relax.
  • Take a nice shower.

Whatever thing you wanted to do and acquire, you can use Zero-Tasking Day to fulfill your heart’s content. Time flies really fast so don’t want to miss this chance, a perk after the long and tiring daylight saving period.