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In Loving Memory: Things You Must Know About Day of the Dead

By Moab Republic on Shutterstock

Even before November starts, a lot of people were already anticipating this season to come due to a lot of exciting and fun activities - including Halloween parties, Trick or Treat, Thanksgiving day as well as Black Friday Sale. Undoubtedly, This will surely become a jam-packed month for you.

However, this is not the case for Mexicans. If you were excited about terrific events that are intended for the humans, Mexicans were anticipating a celebration meant for the dead, uhh yes, you've read it right, locally, they call it "Dia de Los Muertos".

What is the Day of the Dead?

It is indeed a tradition, not only in Mexico but as well as the other parts of the world. On the 2nd of November, the living family members, relatives, or friends honor those who have passed away. An old belief says that when you die, only the physical body will be left, but the soul will remain or ascend to their second life.

Find out the things you must know about the Day of the Dead written below:

A Celebration to Unite the Living and the Dead 

It might sound weird, how can a living person get to interact with the dead? Though, this is not a problem for Mexicans. During Dia de Los Muertos, Mexicans throw a feast and get together with their families to honor the deceased relatives. They believe that if they prepared a feast with all the good food, loud music, and flower decorations, the souls of those who passed away will drop by and join the celebration.  

Painting a "Calaveras" or Skull in their Face

To also celebrate this holiday, Mexicans put a twist wherein they get a face paint with a smiling skull called Calaveras. Some then explained that the Calaveras represents that people should be happy even in the brink of death.

This is also an excellent chance to spend time with your living family while preparing this form of tradition.

The Day of the Dead: Not just an event, but rather a Celebration

Also, some people misunderstood Dia del Los Muertos as a form of a Halloween party, but this is, in fact, an official celebration of Mexicans, proving that death is part of everyone's life and that it’s nothing to be scared of. Instead, Mexicans mock death and walk with their proud and happy skull-painted faces.


If you've watched the movie, "Coco" then you will get to understand what it is, Altars consists of offerings or "offrenda", with the photos of deceased family members or friends who you want to have their souls prayed for. The offering may include food or a thing that is very close to the deceased’s heart.

In conclusion, Day of the Dead is not just a single event you can join. This holds a more profound significance for those who celebrate this. It is more of a reminder never to forget, never forget that person, as well as the memories you've shared. This is also a reminder that while you still have your family present, you should never miss the chance and enjoy life together for you will miss it once they are gone.