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Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week

Photo by By In Green on Shutterstock

Animals and Humans coexist on Earth in many different ways. Our pets are a part of our beloved family, we interact and care for the dogs, cats, birds and other backyard animals that we get to see every single day. This does not only limit from the animals mentioned earlier but also we should also be mindful of and be a caretaker of every animal that inhabits our planet.

The Animals & Society Institute is an organization that studies and promotes respectful interactions between humans and animals; they were the reason behind this idea of celebrating the world’s most awaited Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week every second week of November.

For these occurring days, the goal of the Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week is to raise awareness on the importance of human and animal relationships and to highlight both its benefits and potential problems. The Animals & Society Institute (ASI) holds the Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week in order to cultivate and develop a community that has deeper knowledge and understanding about the ins and outs of interacting with different varieties of animals to ultimately creating a safer and more compassionate environment for both people and animals alike.

How It Began

The week-long event, which was first launched in the month of November back in 2016, has continuously held programs, seminars, collaborative activities, and efforts in the pursuit of achieving an environment that benefits both humans and animals. Ever since the event’s startup in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, it has been successfully held yearly and ASI has seen waves of people participating and working together towards a better, more coexistent future that is more inclusive of our furry friends and animal buddies.

How Do Human-Animal Interactions Help Us In Our Daily Lives

Medical studies have proven that simply petting a dog or a cat can lower blood pressure. The feeling of calmness we experience when we get to interact with animals is not your imagination. And for this extra special day to appreciate our pets as their owners, here are some facts in which our pets help us feel better and healthier to celebrate this occasion.

1. Having a pet is good for our physical health. Owning a dog gives us a responsibility to walk around with them. Dog ownership can help you up and off the couch, whatever it takes. You know what they say, any kind of exercise is healthier than no exercise at all.

2. They can give chronic pain relief. If you live with a pet at home and suffer chronic pain, by simply being with your pet could ease your symptoms. The reason behind this is the happiness your pet provides, which releases endorphins and alleviates your pain symptoms.

3. They are suitable for people who deal with their mental health. A pet can make your life less solitary and can make you feel less isolated; this is crucial for adults who may see their world shrinking. There have also been studies conducted by the American Heart Association in 2013, wherein they showed having a dog was associated with reducing the risk of heart disease and increased survival among cardiovascular patients.

4. Dogs can be trained to sense changes in the health of their owners, other than that, they can sense the change in blood sugar and alert his owner to a blood sugar drop. These service dogs can help their owners be more mobile and live with healthier lives. And even, emotional support from their pets can help their owners deal with anxiety or depression.