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Dark Mode on iOS 13: Classy and Sleek Look for your iPhone


Photo by Claudiu Pusuc on Unsplash


The appearance of dark mode has shaken the world of technology. Apps, sites, and platforms are releasing Dark Mode versions and users are going crazy for it. The question is, is it worth the hype? 

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where hot, new products, features, and star trends are dropped by the company, Apple just announced the coming of Dark Mode on iOS 13. During the conference, Craig Federight, the Senior VP of software development at Apple, revealed that Dark Mode will indeed be included with the iOS 13 update. Users are highly anticipating it!

Dark Mode, a classy dark interface with colored or white text, is well-known for its negligible benefits. This new feature lessens eye fatigue, improves sleep, saves battery power, and looks better than the default design. Apple dubs Dark Mode as the iPhone and iPad’s “dramatic new look” with its dark display that oozes a mysterious and cool vibe. It’s no wonder that Dark Mode is loved by the users for different apps since this alternative theme isn’t the typical and simple white display.


A Customized Look

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash


The latest trend Dark Mode certainly wows everyone with its super sleek and classy look. 

One of the first reasons why people utilize Dark Mode is simply because it looks good. The white background gets boring over time, so when apps started to present Dark Mode, people immediately tried it out. It looks elegant and makes you feel classy, don’t you think?

When it comes to creative factors, an obvious benefit of a dark display is the way it makes graphic content, such as photos, dashboards and others, pop on the dark background. We can’t deny that it’s more aesthetically pleasing to look at, most especially with colored text.

During the demonstration of Dark Mode, Federighi stated that Messages will now have a swipe feature which enables you to swipe recommended words in finishing a text. Also, the keyboard will have its new look with a darker, more refined appearance. 

The Dark Mode feature fits well with another development of iOS 13. When a song play, Music will display its time-synced lyrics which scrolls down. Such will absolutely look fantastic on a dark interface. 

In addition, Federighi also shared a “one-tap feature” that will suggest who are in the photos and who the user communicates with the most.

Other Benefits

Photo by Fabio Mota on Shutterstock


Aside from aesthetic beauty, Dark Mode is an eye-friendly alternative to avoid symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, neck pain, and headaches. As people spend countless hours staring obnoxiously on mobile devices every single day, switching on Dark Mode eliminates the blue light that disrupts sleep and lowers eye fatigue. It is also capable of extending battery power, as long as the iPhone you have has an OLED screen (iPhone X, XS, and XS Max). 


Take note!

Yes, Dark Mode gives off a bunch of benefits but it should still be used appropriately. The negative part is that you’re in a well-lit setting, reading white or colored text on a dark background is difficult and uncomfortable to read. Avoid switching Dark Mode on too much when under the sunlight. It is best to switch on your iPhone’s Dark Mode when it’s night time rather than during the day.