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Celebrating The Go to Art Museum Day

Photo By Iakov Filimonov on Shutterstock

The arts are all about having to explore new things and Go to Art Museum Day is celebrated every 9th of November. Over 30,000 art museums around the world participate in the event with each year having a different theme. Today, you can go to an art museum and start exploring something new.

Art Museum Day is a popular worldwide event that many of the biggest and better-known art museums may be crowded today since some museums offer free admission. If you don’t feel like lining up, you are also free to visit art museums during the weekdays to avoid the crowd and appreciate the art for a longer time. What’s important is that you are reminded to explore something new about art and the messages conveyed.

Why Go to An Art Museum?

Looking at art gives you greater ideas as you try to understand the context of the artwork and the events happening during its creation. Aside from that, visiting an art museum reduces stress.


How to celebrate this special day

➳ Visit the Art museum - For this is what the special day is all about. Go with your family, have a friend to tag along, or go alone. We promise that you won’t regret it.

Pick up a book about Art - If you’re feeling lazy to go out, you can always stay at home and read books about art. With today’s technology, you can even research about the greatest art on the internet. And it’s totally free!

Share some of your artwork - If you are one creative person, go ahead and share that artwork you have created, may it be a painting, a sculpture, or even a song.


Why Some People Love Going to Museums

➳ It’s all about learning and getting inspired - When you visit an art museum, you learn not only about the art but also about the creator of the art. Most art pieces depict the situation the artists are going through. Like that of Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People which commemorates the July Revolution in Paris. Aside from this, you also get inspiration with the different art styles applied to create the masterpiece.

➳ It serves as a stress-reliever - Museums are often quiet and this makes it a perfect place for people who want to just relax and admire the beauty of art. For some people, looking at art and letting their thoughts drift away can be therapeutic.

 ➳ To learn the culture and tradition of a new place - Most cities have their own museum where tourists can visit to learn more about the place and its culture. If you are a traveler eager to learn the history of the place but having limited time to do so, you can always drop by a museum for an hour or two to understand the culture of the place. Every art museum enables people of every demographic background to experience different things of human creativity.