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Celebrating Children’s Day Around the World

Photo By Pavel Ilyukhin on Shutterstock

The United Nations has designated every November 20 of the year as Universal Children's Day. This day is to promote togetherness, improve the welfare of children, and spread awareness of the problems children encounter.

Today's children are the future politicians, doctors, teachers, and scientists among others of this planet. They will be the ones to inherit all of what humanity has managed to develop, both the good and honorable deeds and terrible mistakes.


When did the Universal Children's Day Start?

The General Assembly of the United Nations announced the Universal Children's Day in 1954. There were two goals on this day, first is to encourage children of the creeds, races, and religions to spend time, appreciating each other's differences and getting to know each other and second is to prompt governments around the world to pay more attention to the welfare of the children.

Universal Children's Day takes place every November 20 of the year, Other countries like South Sudan celebrate it on December 23rd in honor of the greatest child in tribal mythology. In Cuba, Children’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of July and for Poland it is held on June 1st.   

Since its establishment as a holiday, The Universal Children's Day has been tied to many honorable causes, such as the commitment to stopping AIDS by 2015. In addition, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations aspires that each child will have access to education and that promoting respect, and teaching them on how to protect the environment are considered to be of most importance.


How to celebrate Children's Day?

To celebrate Children's Day, a huge range of events take place around the world. Charity events, seminars, and fun activities are held. Children are also given the opportunity to take over the high role in politics for a day and through sports activities raise awareness of challenges faced by the children.

This day would be a good day to spend time with the children. As adults, teach them life lessons about loyalty, friendship, and love, At the same time, prepare to go back to basics and learn lessons from these innocent human beings.