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Best Halloween Parties and Events Worldwide

Photo by kirkchai benjarusameeros on Shutterstock

Are you too old to go trick-or-treating or too fearless for a horror movie marathon? Do you want to make this year’s Halloween different by going to the best spooky parties and events? We can help you with that. Some countries around the world go all out with their Halloween celebrations which you must not miss. Here are some Halloween parties, parades, and festivals you must experience for a memorable Halloween experience. It’s fine if you aren’t able to visit some of these events this year, you still have the next years’ Halloween.

        1. Dracula’s Halloween Party (Romania)

The Dracula’s Halloween Party is held at the ancient Bran Castle, adding more spooky energy to the party. Party all night long or take a break and explore the mysterious parts of the castle with a friend --or alone if you dare. If you meet any spirit roaming around, just ask Dracula for help and you will be fine.

        2. Kawasaki Halloween Parade (Japan)

You definitely shouldn’t miss Kawasaki, Japan’s spectacular Halloween Parade that attracts participants and spectators from all around the globe. Unfortunately, entry for participation is just limited, but you can watch it for free. Don’t worry, guaranteed that you’ll have an amazing time even as a spectator, watching participants boast their stunning and terrifying Halloween costumes and enjoying the fun atmosphere of the parade.

        3. New Orleans Vampire Ball (USA)

Be a vampire for a night at this Vampire Ball, which, from the name itself, is exclusive to creatures with fangs. Partygoers can enjoy a fusion of a masquerade and dress-up party. The ball has a strict rule that prohibits superhero costumes, so don’t ever think about dressing up as Spiderman or Black Widow.

        4. Limoges Halloween Parade (France)

Compared to other countries, France is pretty much new to the Halloween celebration, but that doesn’t mean it won’t give you an exciting Halloween. The city of Limoges hosts a massive and extraordinary parade, attracting 30 000 or more spectators every year. The parade includes devils, ghosts, pumpkins, and more! There are a lot of things you can do since the area also offers a variety of great bars, restaurants, and awesome parties celebrating the festivity. You’ll never get bored if you join in.

        5. Salem Witches’ Ball (USA)

Salem is well-known for its Witch Trials in history, so it’s no wonder Halloween is one of the town’s anticipated celebration of the year. A chilling Halloween experience with psychic readings and rituals practiced by Witch Doctors on the 26th of October would make this year’s Halloween more special. Scream both in delight and fright at the notorious Salem Witches’ Ball!

        6. Dia de Los Muertos (Latin America)

If you want to gain a fun experience and learn about the city’s traditions at the same time, a visit to Mexico or Latin America is your way to go. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a 3-day celebration, which consists of parades and parties, highlighting festive costumes and colorful Calaveras (skeletons and skulls). Locals believe that on the 31st of October, spirits of the deceased loved ones return to their respective homes.

        7. All Souls Day (Ireland)

When talking about phenomenal parties during Halloween, there’s no way Ireland, which has been throwing incredible Halloween parties for 3,000 years. People often enjoy the festivity with giant bonfires and traditional feasts with family or friends. Be sure to include festive extravaganza in Derry and Belfast’s Halloween Monster Mash and Fireworks to your list of must-attend. Since these events are family-friendly, even kids would have the time of their lives!

Whether you believe in ghosts or just find them interesting, you’ll certainly have a bloody good time with these spooky yet delightful parties and events!