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5 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for 2019

 When Halloween hits, let’s admit it, you struggle to find the most flattering yet clever and fun costume. Even if you come up with one or a few ideas, with a series of dressing up, you probably are still in desperate need of some inspiration. Whether you want a simple and creative DIY costume, a scary and cute couple costumes, it’s always fun to add a little humor on a dead-serious holiday (pun intended).

Check out 2019’s best Halloween costumes ahead, there’s a bone-chillingly perfect idea for anyone out there. 

1. Ashley O from Black Mirror

Channel your inner superstar to make this look come to life. Here’s how to recreate this look: wear a lilac bob wig with shaggy bangs and pair it with a white and cute tank top. Put on some purple eyeshadow with glitter, and don’t forget to gloss!

2. Dustin Henderson, Robin Buckely, and Steve Harrington from Stranger Things

What to wear for Dustin: find a cap that resembles Dustin’s pretty green and yellow cap. Once that's done, pick up a curly brown wig, an old/vintage graphic tee, and jeans. And you might want to find something that looks like you’re missing your front teeth.

What to wear for Robin: Her Scoops Ahoy outfit is a staple, so make sure you find a blue-and-white striped shirt with a navy vest and a white collar on top. Also, curl your hair for a more realistic effect.

What to wear for Steve: you can also find/wear Steve’s Scoops Ahoy outfit, and probably his sexy stare, too. For that added realism, try bringing with you an ice cream scooper to finish the look.


Photo by Puneeth Shetty on Unsplash

 3. Agent H and Agent M from Men In Black: International

Perfect for couples who want to go alien-shooting in the dark! What to wear: a bold suit, some fancy sunglasses, and over-the-top bravery and courage.

4. John Wick from John Wick

What to wear: if you happen to have a smart suit and some fake blood, then these are the components to complete this John Wick outfit! A shoulder-length (faux or not) hair, facial hair, and a gun will complete the overall look!


5. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans, all rise! This is a costume that everyone will surely recognize and bow down to. What to wear: find a long-snow white hair (or if you already have one, then congrats!), and some kick-ass winter clothing to cop this look. Don’t forget to curl your hair and bring a dragon as your trusty accessory!

With all these costume ideas, surely everyone will think that you’ve aced your Halloween costume and took it to the next level!