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5 Easy Halloween Face Makeup Ideas and Tips

If you’re out there still enjoying summer or whatever, let me just say this, October 31 is fast approaching. And unless you want to wear the same Halloween costume you copped last year, it might be wise to start thinking about what to wear to Halloween parties this year.

Can't think of a costume? Look into what's inside your makeup bag! When it comes to Halloween makeup, the general idea is the more detailed it is, the better. Whether you want to go ghostly or shockingly glamorous, this Halloween makeup should get you all set and covered!

1. 1920’s Flapper Girl

Going out with your beau? Channel your inner Great Gatsby! This classic get-up has got you covered on all things, old-school smokey eye, thin eyebrows, and wine-stained red lips. Pair it with classic pearl earrings and a long necklace and you’re good to go!

2. Cleopatra

Feeling royal? If you have some gold accessories and black, dark hair, this ancient royal makeup look is always a go-to! Tip: wear a long flowy dress and accentuate with big and wide necklaces and make your eyeliner sharp.

3. Frankenstein

Frankenstein is probably one of the most famous monsters during Halloween. If you feel like going green and get your hair really crazy, then this makeup look is for you. If you’re spending Halloween night with your significant other, let him/her be the bride of Frankenstein. Tip: add stitches-like makeup to your face and your body as well to make it more realistic.

4. Corpse Bride

Feeling blue? This makeup look might just do the trick! Give your Halloween zombie bride a classic twist from Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride”. Tip: make your eyes look bigger (Make them pop! No, not literally), grab some slightly wilted flowers for some realistic bridal effect and contour your way to make your cheekbones pop.

5. Vampire

Photo by Kolbakova Olga on Shutterstock

Ah yes. Who doesn’t love this classic and go-to Halloween makeup look? A lot of people can be seen copping this look during the spooky holiday because why not? Tip: contour your face with black eyeshadow, mixing it with red hues to make it appear hollow and darker. Use fake fangs, dot contact lenses, a red lip, and extend that eyeliner for a more dramatic effect, and yes, don't be afraid to spill some of that rich blood!

If you’re not highly skilled in any makeup application, that’s okay! These looks are completely customizable and can be tailored to how you like it, how good your skills are, and the makeup you own. Besides, it’s Halloween, anyone can be whoever and whichever monster they want.