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31 Exciting Halloween Face Painting Ideas for Kids


When it comes to kids and Halloweens, face painting is always a sure hit. From superheroes, fairy princesses, animals, to favorite cartoon characters, this is a spooktacular and bootiful idea for a Halloween get-up. We’ve gathered a list of the best Halloween face painting ideas just for the little ones without requiring professional face painting skills.

1. Puppy Dog Face Paint

A perfect idea for kids who love animals (puppies).


Photo by Luis Louro on Shutterstock

2. Dragon Face Painting

Who says kids only want to be knights with swords and shining armor?


Photo by losmandarinas on Shutterstock

3. Snake Face Paint

Slithering snakes can also be a fun idea for Halloween face paint, don’t you think?


Photo by Albina Glisic on Shutterstock

4. Ladybug Face Paint

As much as snakes, ladybugs can also be an adorable face paint.


Photo by Alexander Sviridov on Shutterstock

5. Frozen Face Paint

Let your child’s inner Elsa out! Try this chilling Frozen-inspired look!


Photo by Anastasia Tveretinova on Shutterstock

7. Hello Kitty Face Paint

Everyone can surely recognize this classic look. Besides, who doesn’t know Hello Kitty?


Photo by Colin Woods on Shutterstock

8. Ninja Turtle

This is perfect along with his three other turtle friends! Share this look with your sibling or a friend.


Photo by Photoimpuls on Shutterstock

9. Purple Floral Face Paint

A simple yet elegant choice.


Photo by Roman Rybaleov on Shutterstock

10. Elsa’s Crown

Channel your inner Queen Elsa with this look! Finish it off with a sheer blue gown and you’re ready to go!


Photo by I love photo on Shutterstock

11. Elsa-inspired Face Paint

Crown’s a bit simple? Try to add other details for additional flair.


Photo by IR Stone on Shutterstock

12. Spider-Man

Ah yes, the iconic friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Complete this look with a spidey costume and you’re all set!


Photo by Photoimpuls on Shutterstock

13. Shark

Want a different face paint? Try this sharktastic look and you’ll be amazed.


Photo by DoublePHOTO studio on Shutterstock

14. Red Heart Face Paint

You don’t have to be scary or anything ghoulish for Halloween.


Photo by losmandarinas on Shutterstock


Halloween’s not just about black and orangey tones, it can also be colorful.


Photo by katarinag on Shutterstock

16. Dragonfly Face Paint

For added flair and effect, apply glitter to the wings to make it pop!


Photo by Ornpasta on Shutterstock

17. Pirate

Cop this look with a pirate’s hat and a fake claw hand for added realism.


Photo by VojtechVlk on Shutterstock

18. Butterfly

I bet every girl would like this as face paint. For added effect, use gems and rhinestones!


Photo by Luis Louro on Shutterstock

19. Flower

A great choice for little girls who have a sweet spot for gardens and roses!


Photo by Tressie Davis on Shutterstock

20. Scary Skeleton

A classic Halloween look for every trickster out there.


Photo by iordani on Shutterstock

21. Witch

Paint your child’s face green, add a pointy hat and a broom and you’re ready to fly!


Photo by Pressmaster on Shutterstock

22. Vampire

A staple in every Halloween face paint. Don’t forget to put on some fake fangs for a more realistic effect!


Photo by Luis Louro on Shutterstock

23. Musical Notes

This is for every kid with a musical bone in their body.


By Mike Orlov on Shutterstock

24. Pumpkin

You can finish this look by painting in a green stalk and leaves, that is if you’re feeling artistic and confident.


Photo by Alexander Sviridov on Shutterstock


25. Zombie

Halloween doesn’t have to be dead-serious (pun intended).


Photo by Lynne Carpenter on Shutterstock

26. Bat Mask

If your child is feeling like Batman, then you should definitely try out this look.


Photo by avtk on Shutterstock

27. Football

Every child who dreams of being an athlete would definitely want this face paint.


Photo by MNStudio on Shutterstock

28. Clown

Create a spooky yet funny vibe with this look. Finish the look with a balloon.


Photo by aleksander hunta on Shutterstock

29. Cat Face Paint

You can literally see this on every child’s face on Halloween. Add some cat ears/headband for added flair.


Photo by Africa Studio at Shutterstock

30. Hulk

Cop off this green adorable monster as face paint for Halloween!


Photo by Photoimpuls at Shutterstock

31. Little Red Riding Hood

The Big Bad Wolf will be a no-match for this Halloween-ified version of Little Red.


Photo by lunamarina on Shutterstock