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24 Jaw-Dropping Halloween Face Painting Ideas


Want a spooky and “boo-tiful” costume for Halloween but don’t want to spend any money at all? We’ve found the one-stop-shop for Halloween costumes: the cosmetic aisle. All you need for a dramatic, terrifying, beautiful and all in one look is makeup (and a few extra items). Whether you’re opting for a kid-friendly or something a bit grown up, or from creating an iconic comic book villain look, to your favorite cartoon character, get excited for Halloween with these creative face paint ideas.


1. Half skull face paint

The half skull face paint has become a classic when it comes to creating Halloween looks. This look leaves half of your face untouched, and if you want it to be more extra, you can add skull cracks or glitters, creating a creepy, yet beautiful mix.

2. Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland fans, feast and rejoice! This fun and spooky makeup look can be worn by kids and kids at heart. You can use glitter to give it an extra oomph!



3. Mermaid Face Paint

Want to go under the sea? Try this cool mermaid look. In order to do the scales, hold fishnet stockings to your face and apply makeup on top to achieve this flawless look, you can also add gems and rhinestones for additional glow.


Photo by: PicMy on Shutterstock


4. Pop Art Character Face Paint

Channel that iconic 50’s identity in you and try on this retro look for Halloween!


5. Zombie 

Go extra creepy with this bloody look! Nothing is more terrifying than the walking dead.


6. Vampire

A Victorian/Gothic-inspired vampire makeup is both scary and fabulous. Add a lot more of that fake blood to make it look realistic.


Photo by: Artmim on Shutterstock


7. Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow, rhinestones, gems, glitter, pink and purple. What’s not to love?

8. Pennywise the Clown

Going in this look will leave the people around you shocked and terrified. Don’t forget to bring a red balloon for that extra shock!

9. Cat/Leopard

Throw on some cat headband and draw a pink nose and some whiskers on your face. Great for kids!

10. Coco

Remember me? Suit up some red jacket and paint your face like a skull. Don’t forget your guitar!

11. Scarecrow

Having a pumpkin patch theme party? A mix of orange and black makeup with some straw hats will do!

12. Pumpkin Face Paint

Because nothing screams ‘Halloween!’ like a good ol’ jack-o-lantern. 


 Photo by Sunny studio on Shutterstock

13. Witch

The OG Halloween costume. Nothing beats a green skin and pointy hat look. 


Photo by Kiselev Andrey Valerevich on Shutterstock


14. Queen of Hearts

A fan of Tim Burton? Go red with this iconic Queen of Hearts look. Besides, why not be a Queen on Halloween?

15. Dollface Creepy

Creepy meets pretty with this Halloween look.

16. Dinosaur Face Paint

Perfect for kids! Whether they wear it with a costume or not, this face paint is incredibly adorable.


17. Ziggy Stardust

Channel your inner rockstar with this David Bowie-inspired look!


18. Ouija Board

A brilliant idea for people who want to connect with the spirits. They have spoken, and this is genius.


19. Coraline’s Other Mom

Who can ever forget the infamous cracked, pale skin and button eyes of Coraline’s Other Mother?


20. Jack-o-Lantern

Here’s a new twist to your old pumpkin carving. Mix in a lot of oranges and blacks, and you’re good to go!


21. Spiderman

Halloween is just a few hours and still have no face paint ideas? This is a good option when you only have hours away from finding a costume. The spiders are optional.


22. Sugar skull

Feeling the Day of the Dead vibe? Go on with this look! Add some rhinestones or gems for that extra flair!


23. Pikachu

Who said Pokemon is out?


24. Black Swan

Everyone knows that the black swan makeup is absolutely captivating.


With all these ideas, surely your Halloween will be spooktastic!