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11.25: Reminder Day for Shopping!

Photo By Amehime on Shutterstock

Holidays specifically Christmas doesn’t only talk about celebrating Jesus’ birth but also serve as the best time to give back after receiving so many blessings for the whole year. Usually, when the last week of October sets on, you can’t sit still thinking of what gifts to give to family members, friends, and colleagues. It may be confusing about where to start and which things to buy to make sure that it will suit their personalities.  

With only one month before the most wonderful time of the year, we celebrate Shopping Reminder Day.

What is Shopping Reminder Day?

After Thanksgiving day, you might be getting ready for Black Friday, which is undoubtedly going to be an intense day for everyone. You need to have good reflexes and be quick to get your target item as it may only be available in limited stocks.

Even before the holiday season starts, various commercial apparel or merchandise businesses started doing their promotions, such as releasing ads or teasers of the items that would be ideal as gifts for Christmas. You will also be tempted to buy it fast on Black Friday so that you don’t have to join the even more crowded place doing last-minute shopping for holidays.

Stressful, right?

But, ELIMINATE your stress by participating in the Shopping Reminder Day! This is a day which is defined exactly like its name—Reminding you that the season if Christmas is fast approaching and you should stand up and prepare everything needed for a holiday.

What are the things to do during Shopping Reminder Day?

This event is not popular among others, but you should take note of this date unless you want to go home after Black Friday with nothing but dust. Provided below are the things you need to do on Shopping Reminder Day:

First, you have to list down everything that you should buy. Take note of these questions:

Who are you planning to give a gift to? Which items will suit their personalities?

What are the Christmas decorations you will put on your house?

What’s the menu plan, and which ingredients do you need for these?

The second thing you need to do is also to secure your budget and funds.

What is your budget for every gift?

Do you have enough money?

✓  Where will you get the budget for the gift, for the decors, and the foods?

And lastly, even before the Shopping Day, you have to write down a reminder or a note if where are you planning to buy your desired items.

If it’s online, check if the online shop provides gift vouchers and discounts to make sure that you can save money.

Also, list down the physical stores you are planning to visit. Make sure that you have the information about its opening and closing time, as well as its location. You wouldn’t want to waste your time roaming around the mall like a lost kid. 

If you can do all of this, then congratulations! You successfully participated in the Shopping Reminder Day. You can also influence your family and friends to do the same thing so that it would be more convenient for everyone, plus the fact that after Black Friday, you can now chill without worrying about last-minute shopping duties.