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10 Halloween Party Games That Will Make Kids Scream in Delight

Photo by Rawpixel.com on Shutterstock

Give kids a fang-tastic time with spooky and silly games this Halloween!

Tired of the same boring and common Halloween party for kids? Are you looking for new and unique games that don’t require you to empty your wallet for props or materials? Well, stick around, we’ve compiled an awesome list for you to choose from!

Kids dressing up as cute little monsters, binge-watching animated scary movies, going trick-or-treating, and getting their favorite candy treats aren’t enough for a Halloween celebration that only comes once in a year. A Halloween party is a “must-do” to end the night perfectly.

Most of these games have a DIY element, and with just a few supplies, you’re ready to go. Let the kids assist you, and all of you will certainly have an enjoyable time even during the preparation. Don’t forget to buy lots and lots of yummy candy for prizes!

Now, get your ghost mask that has been hiding in the storage for years and throw the best memorable Halloween party for kids with these 10 fun games!

    1. Bobbing for Donuts

Tie each donut into a long piece of string and ensure that there’s enough space between the donuts. The kids will compete in eating the donut off the string, only with their mouth. If they use their hands, they will be disqualified. Who’ll be the fastest in finishing it off?

    2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hide a variety of items throughout your home or venue and let the kids find them all. Knowing that there is a prize for it, kids will definitely love searching for the objects and bringing them to you with a smile. Give the winner a small bucket of delicious candies!

    3. Minute to Win It” Candy Corn Games

Challenge the kids’ chopsticks skills with this game! Instruct the kids to pick up the candy corn or candy pumpkins using chopsticks and put it into another bowl. Let’s see how many pieces they can transfer in just 60 seconds. The most wins! So, who’s the pro in using chopsticks?

    4. Wrap the Mummy

Divide the kids into pairs and let them decide which one of them is the ‘mummy’. The other member will wrap his partner in toilet paper until the latter is covered well --except for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, the ‘mummy’ will do the same thing to the other kid. The pair who’ll finish the fastest wins the game! And yes, expect that your house will be covered with tons of toilet paper after the game.

    5. Candy Corn Count

Put a bunch of candy corn in a jar and let the kids take their guesses on the total number of candies. Whoever guesses right or gives the nearest number wins. The winner gets the jar of candy corn. Yay!

    6. Blind Items

Mystery boxes get your heart thumping and hands sweaty in nervousness and excitement. You just don’t know what is in that box, and that’s where the fun is. Don’t worry because you won’t be putting real insects or frogs. Go get some slimy, squishy, or crunchy foods, and hide them inside DIY small boxes concealed with black tape. Label each with the foods’ doppelgangers such as giant’s saliva, stinging worms, witches bones, bat fangs, and others. The kids will definitely scream...in giggles.

    7. Spider Races

Hand each player a straw and plastic toy spider. The first kid that blows his spider across the finish line will be declared the winner. Easy, right? You can have the other kids as cheerleaders, cheering for their friends or best bet to win.

    8. Frankenstein Bowling

Encourage creativity by letting the kids paint faces on clean cans. They could paint it like a pumpkin, black cat, spooky ghost, or their favorite cartoon character. After it has been dried, stack the cutely painted cans with a tennis or ping pong ball, see how many can they knockdown in one shot.

    9. Poppin Pumpkins

Match the kids’ high energy (probably due to sweets) with a game of balloon popping! Use orange balloons and top it with green leaves to make it look like a pumpkin. The kids will sit on the pumpkin or balloon until it pops, revealing little rolled paper with a prize written on it. You can have blank papers too so that the more balloon they pop, the more chances of winning.

    10. Halloween Freeze Dance

Play a Halloween party music or anything spooky in the speaker and ask the kids to dance. Once the music stops, they should freeze, too. Anyone who moves will be out of the game. Then, play the song again until there’s only one kid left. Make it more challenging by making the kids take a pose of a Halloween character shape such as a black cat, mummy, bat, and others.

Surely, at the end of the party, most of the kids, if not everyone, will be leaving with happy faces and a full bag of candies. Have a bloody good Halloween!