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10 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Photo by Dmitry Molchanov on Shutterstock 

The only thing we’re scared of this Halloween is not having the most creative costume, and if you’re one of those people who dig into their closet last-minute, finding for an acceptable and recognizable costume, we got you covered. From TV show characters to movie stars, this list covers some of the most clever and creative costumes to rock this Halloween.

     1. Regina George from Mean Girls

No other way to cop this look — simply put on a holed tank top with a purple bra underneath and you’re good to go! (Everyone knows who Regina George is, duh).

      2. Rue from Euphoria

Rue has vintage-inspired outfits that consist of oversized cardigans, plenty of printed button-down shirts, and, most notably, her go-to Converse.

      3. Taylor Swift From the "You Need to Calm Down" Music Video

Throw on funky sunglasses, heart-shaped earrings, and a swimsuit under a pink faux-fur coat. This look also works if you opt for shorts and a bodysuit or crop top for something with a little more coverage.

     4. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Brightly colored dresses, glittering accessories, and a desire for endless adventure will turn you into this timeless princess. Also, wear the finest jewels and tiaras you have — don’t forget Rajah!

     5. Arthur from Joker

Everyone knows what the Joker looks like, so this costume will be totally recognizable. Finish off this look with a dashing red blazer, green hair, and "Smile, because it confuses people”.

    6. Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman

If you’re a fan of the 90's rom-com movies, then you definitely know who Vivian Ward is. Copy this look with a white bodysuit, red cardigan, and boho accessories with knee-high boots. Don’t forget the iconic curls to complete the look!

    7. Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

Who doesn’t know Wednesday? Wear an all-black ensemble and a braided hair. Finish the look by carrying a bottle of fake poison.

    8. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Ah yes. The iconic Audrey Hepburn look. Put your hair in a high bun with a matching tiara, and a little black dress to complete the look.

    9. Cheryl from Riverdale

Cheryl is the ultimate badass with a touch of class and sass. If you want to be Cheryl for Halloween, throw on a red ensemble paired with blood-red lipstick, and of course, if you’re not a redhead, you might want to wear a long red wig.

    10. Nick Fury from Spiderman: Far from Home

You know you've always wanted to look as dangerous as Nick Fury, and now is your chance. Once you are dressed in all black, throw on a black utility jacket and eye patch to give your costume the final touches.